Why Split Your Commission?
You put 100% into your Real Estate Business....
Don't You Deserve to Get 100% Out?

After passing the real estate exam, I did what many new agents do and signed up with a brokerage with the biggest name I could think of, under the impression I would sell more homes with that brand behind me.

I did sell 24 homes my first full year in the business, but despite generating over $120,000 in commissions, I only grossed $56,000 in income thanks to a 50% commission split and paying other fees like E&O insurance and marketing premiums.

I would go to my manager to ask for a higher split and after 2 years there the highest I could get was 58%. It was then I knew I had to leave.

I found a broker with a different philosophy on commissions, one that says that if an agent finds their own clients, they should keep ALL their commission... 100%. A small monthly fee to the brokerage was my only cost.

Imagine working no harder than you do right now, but making much more money simply because you keep 100% of your commission.

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How It Works

If you're at a big box brokerage you may be wondering how the company can stay in business if agents keep 100% of their commission?

The answer is simple. A low monthly fee of just $295 per month plus a flat per-transaction fee covers our administrative and office costs. And because we don’t waste money advertising the company brand to the public, we are able to let our agents keep 100% of their commission.

We encourage our agents to brand and market themselves and develop a niche, as opposed to taking the approach of forcing them to use our signage, logos or other company brand promotion that only serves to popularize the brokerage at the expense of the agent.

100% Commission Program Highlights

Here’s a quick summary of our program. And unlike many real estate brokerages that offer 100% commission but then upcharge you on E&O or even using the copy machine, we don’t nickel-and-dime our agents with junk fees!

Option A
  • 100% Commission
  • $295 per month Agent Fee
  • $100 additional per month for each team member or licensed assistant
Option B
  • 100% Commission
  • $2950 Per Year Agent Fee (2 months FREE)
  • $1000 per year for each additional team member or licensed assistant
New Licensee Option
  • No Fee For your First 6 Months
  • $100 additional per month for each team member or licensed assistant
  • $395 per Month for the next 6 Months
Included with all options: Errors & Omissions Insurance, ZipForms, DocuSign® Electronic Signature Service, Cloud-Based Transaction and Document Management, Unlimited Use of Office Equipment.

Investing In Our Agents

Not only will you keep all of your commission, but we also want to increase your chance of success by helping you hit the ground running from day one. You'll get all of these critical business components for FREE when you sign up.

  • FREE Professional Portrait Photo Session
  • FREE Professional Logo Design
  • FREE High-End Business Cards
  • FREE Domain Name Registration
  • FREE Facebook Business Page Setup
  • FREE IDX Enabled Website Setup

Try Us Out For Free - No Monthly Dues for Your First 2 Months

We believe so strongly in our agent-centric approach to running a real estate brokerage that we will offer your first 2 months free, with no obligation, to try us out. Many of our agents have been with the company for over a decade, because once you're making 100% and getting so many extras, there's little reason to leave.

So for 2016, we're offering all new agent sign-ups through this website the first two month's on us.

About The Company

Real Estate Professionals Inc. was one of the first companies to embrace the 100% commission model and has been doing so since 2001. Our agents have sold over 6,500 homes since then.

A few things make us different from the other 100% commission companies that have sprung up recently.

First is that our management team consists of highly accessible and ACTIVE brokers and managers, still involved in selling real estate themselves. This helps us keep a true pulse on the market, and able to advise you from practice not theory. We have a lot of great marketing and business development ideas, and we share them willingly.

Secondly, we don’t nickel-and-dime you for services that should be included in your monthly fee, like some companies. So you’ll get E&O insurance, access to all forms, DocuSign® electronic signature service, unlimited use of copy machines & printers, and cloud-based transaction and document management at no additional cost.

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